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12 March 2012 @ 11:41 pm
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I've had a small bit of extra time on my hands and hated that I missed this comm when it was active, so I thought I might as well honor the comm's idea by fulfilling all of the old challenges.

Jean and Bobby in "Bringing Friends Together" -- Jean grimaces at the doors slamming throughout the school. She looks to Bobby; they roll their eyes. "Boys!" Bobby remarks, disgusted.

"You should know."

"I'm not a boy," he rejects the notion and shows his muscles. "I'm a man!"

She laughs, but his mission proves successful as she grins. The friends' eyes lock again. "So," she asks, "are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I don't know." He grins. "What are you thinking?"

She laughs. "You know." They race together into the kitchen, and it's only an hour later that the others are coming together again as Jean removes the fresh pie., rated G and set back in the days of the first X-Men team, for the Pie challenge


Namor/Emma in "A Queen At His Feet" -- Her delicate fingers trace the small wings' outline. The white feathers flutter beneath her touch. She smiles. He grins as he watches her from where he's laying back, enjoying the feel of a powerful woman at his feet more so than he ever has before. She's a beautiful enigma, and the King of Atlantis knows he's lucky to be feeling her touch at last.

She meets his gaze. "What?" Her fingers again caress his feathers. "You know you like it," she teases.

"I do, but far more so, I like your smile." Pulling Emma up beside him, Namor kisses her., rated G for the Tease challenge


Lockheed in "The Last Cookie" -- "Coo?" He tests the air, making sure he's safe. He swoops down, his eyes intent on his target. He catches the knob in his talons. It bumps the bottom of the jar. He freezes, listening intently. Nobody comes. He's in the clear!

Lockheed carefully removes the lid, then returns to the jar. He's about to claim his prize when a Bamf appears. Lockheed almost gags on the brimstone as it teleports away.

Lockheed curses the Bamfs. One day, he vows, he'll be rid of the rodents, but in the meantime, he sniffs disappointedly for that Bamf stole the last cookie!, rated G for the Cookie challenge


Cable and Hope in "Hope" -- As he cradles her, truly holds her without having to run for their lives for the first time, Cable thinks many things. For a moment far too brief, the warrior vanishes, leaving only a man with too little time. Her red hair reminds him of the coming summer and his mother. He wonders what it was like for her to hold another woman's baby in her arms and call him his own. He shall do that now. As he thinks of the woman who saved his past and the girl who shall fulfill his future, Nathan realizes her name: Hope., rated G for the Summer challenge