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12 March 2012 @ 11:47 pm
4 More Drabbles  
Logan/Ororo in "She Knows" -- She knows when he leaves their bed and when he comes back home to her again where he belongs. She never opens her eyes while he moves. She knows he's been out in the night, out to the city. She can smell beer, whiskey, and blood.

Most women would be worried about their relationship, but Ororo doesn't worry. She knows Logan. She knows where he's been and with whom he's not been. She knows where he goes and he'll always come home to her. She turns as he lays down beside her and curls around him, completing their unbreakable bond., rated PG, for the Bed challenge


Joseph/Rogue in "Treasures" -- His kiss is so soft that another woman might not feel it at first, but Rogue is instantly aware of any touch. The few caresses she's received throughout her life are as rare and treasured as gold to the poor. Her eyes are still closed. He doesn't need to tell her to keep them shut. She's afraid to open them lest this moment end. She's finally being touched, truly being loved, and Rogue could weep from the joy exploding in her soul. Joseph cradles her, knowing she is truly the greatest treasure of all and vowing to love her forever., rated G, for the Kiss challenge


Charles/Jean in "Her Gift" -- He should be used to being without his legs, but the dead weight still becomes an unbearable pain some nights. On those nights, he feels her enter his mind and lets her in, smiling. She slips into him like a hand sliding into a glove. It reminds him of two lovers slipping quietly together, but to her, it's a father and daughter's hug. He shields his true thoughts from her even then as he lets her in. Yet, for a time, as they linger together, the pain stops, and Charles is eternally grateful for the gift Jean has given him., rated G, for the Gift challenge


Scott/Jean in "The Color of Her Eyes" -- "They're green," she said.

"Green?" he asked, not remembering the difference.

"Green like . . . like money." Hanging her head slightly, Jean blushed. "Okay, so that's not a good analogy . . . Like . . . Like leaves or . . . or grass."

"Grass," he murmured, softly caressing her face. Although he could not see the colors of her face, he nonetheless knew she was beautiful. "I remember the color of grass. When it was fresh, in the Spring time, I used like to lay on it when I was a kid." Jean was every bit as beautiful as he imagined. Scott sweetly kissed the love of his life., rated G, for the Green challenge