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12 March 2012 @ 11:57 pm
Last 4 Drabbles  
Nightcrawler in a slashy moment at the end of his most recent limited series, "A Friend's Understanding" --

"I'm . . . I'm . . . " I'm gay, Kurt wanted to say. The words were right on the tip of his furry, blue lips, and yet he could not push them out.

His friend smiled at him. She reached out and caressed the blue fur on his hand. "It's okay, Kurt," she said. "It's okay; I understand." He could see the truth in her eyes, and Kurt smiled at Nurse Palmer, though she'd never be a true flame for him. He smiled for she understood the truth without his having to speak it, and that was the best gift she could have given him., rated G, for the Flame challenge


Charles/Erik in "Lonely Lips and Empty Arms" --

He never kisses any one on New Year's. His younger students wonder why. A few have even tried to set him up with dates, but Charles turns them all down. The young ones think he's heartbroken. Some think it's due to Moira, others to Lilandra.

The older X-Men know the truth, however. They know that no woman could ever hold their Professor's heart, who truly holds his heart, and why he'll never be with him. They realize, too, that there's nothing that can be done, and so Charles and Erik drink alone every New Year's as the clock strikes midnight., rated G, for the New Years challenge


Logan and Jubilee in "Unexpected Battle" --

He knows he's being followed. He starts to growl. Yet, then, the wind shifts, and he realizes who is coming. She's almost on top of him now, but he stills his body as he waits. His hands drop to his sides. His claws itch to be released, but he reins them in. He will not need them for this encounter.

She makes a mistake; he hears the snow crunching underneath her boots. Then he's hit. He's not going down. He whirls around, grabbing fistfuls, and throws snowballs back at Jubilee. Laughter ensues, and he's surprised to hear himself chuckling too., rated G, for the Snow challenge


Emma and Charles in "At His Grave" --

She stood alone at the graveside where she still came annually. At first, she had been only one of many, but now she was the only one who still came. Others had moved on to new lives and teams, retired, or otherwise been forced away. Those who remained seemed to have almost forgotten him, but she never would. "Thanks," she whispered, "for giving me another chance, Charles, for giving me something to believe in again, and new lives to save." And then she left, a single, white rose laying behind her on the grave to mark the White Queen's passing., rated G, for the Thanks challenge