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X-Men 100 words Drabble Challenge Community
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Welcome to xmen100, a weekly challenge for the fanchise, The X-Men!

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*Posting Guidelines*
Author's Notes:

Or you can use a similiar format... but you must at least have the Team & Challenge & Universe & Pairings/Characters & Rating sections somewhere.

*current challenge*
12. pie

+ Number of Drabbles inspired by our challenges is 41 as of November 4, 2009.
+ Number of authors that contributed is 5 out of 8 registered authors and out of 22 members.
+ Top 3 Universes written are Earth-616 (7 tags), X-Men: Evolution (5 tags) and Movie Series (3 tags).
+ Most written characters are Logan "Wolverine" Howlett (5 tags), Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde (5 tags), Scott "Cyclops" Summers (5 tags) and Warren "Archangel" Worthington III (4 tags).
+ Top 2 written pairings are Emma/Scott (3 tags) and Piotr/Warren (2 tags).
+ Top 5 challenges that were the most popular are Bed (11 tags), Kiss (4 tags), Snow (3 tags), New Years (3 tags) and Gift (3 tags).
+ Most active teams are X-Men (10 tags) and Brotherhood (7 tags).

+ flareonfury
+ bringthefate

+ Inspiration: batfic100 & twilight100
+ Stylesheet: milou_veronica
+ Header: flareonfury
100 words, age of apocalypse, angel/colossus, angelica jones, apocalypse, archangel, astonishing x-men, avalanche, banshee, beast, betsy/warren, black queen, blink, boom boom, breakworld, brotherhood of evil, brotherhood of evil mutants, cable, cannonball, canon pairings, captain britain, cassandra nova, challenges, chamber, chamber/jubilee, charles xavier, colossus, colossus/shadowcat, cyclops, cyclops/rogue, dark phoenix, days of future past, drabbles, elixir, emma frost, empath, excalibur, exiles, fanfiction, fanfiction challenges, firesta, gambit, gambit/rogue, generation x, genosha, hank mccoy, havok, hellfire club, hellions, house of m, husk, husk/angel, husk/chamber, hydra, iceman, iceman/rogue, jean grey, jean/scott, jubilee, jubilee/wolverine, juggernaut, kurt/kitty, lockheed, logan/jean, logan/ororo, m-day, madelyne pryor, magik, magma, magneto, massachusetts academy, meggan, mister sinister, moira mactaggert, morph, mutant x, mystique, nathan summers, new excalibur, new mutants, new x-men, nightcrawler, nocturne, northstar, ororo munroe, phoenix, piotr/warren, polaris, psylocke, pyro, pyro/rogue, quicksilver, rachel summers, robert kelly, rogue, rogue/magneto, rogue/pyro, rogue/wolverine, sabretooth, sage, scarlet witch, scott summers, scott/emma, scott/jean, scott/madelyne, sebastian shaw, selene, sentinels, shadowcat, shield, siryn, storm, storm/beast, storm/nightcrawler, sunspot, the brotherhood, the x-men, thunderbird, toad, ultimate marvel, ultimate x-men, uncanny x-men, unconventional pairings, victor creed, viper, wanda/kurt, weekly prompts, william stryker, wolfsbane, wolverine, wolverine and the x-men, wolverine/gambit, wolverine/jean, wolverine/sabretooth, x-men, x-men 2, x-men animated series, x-men cartoons, x-men challenges, x-men comics, x-men fanfiction, x-men movies, x-men pairings, x-men: evolution, x-men: first class, x-men: the end, x-men: the last stand, x-men: the movie, xavier institute, xmen